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Welcome to Detroit Randonneurs

Dear friends and fellow cyclists,

I cordially invite you to join me for a truly special occasion—the Picnic Populair ride. This event holds great significance as we come together to celebrate the remarkable 10-year anniversary of the founding of our beloved Detroit Randonneurs. Moreover, it serves as an opportunity for us to express our heartfelt gratitude to the extraordinary individual behind this enduring success Tom Dusky.

As we embark on this memorable ride, let us reflect on the countless adventures, cherished memories, and personal triumphs that Randonneuring has brought into our lives throughout the years. It is thanks to Tom's unwavering dedication and vision that we have experienced such incredible journeys together. His tireless efforts have fostered a vibrant cycling community and inspired countless individuals to push their boundaries and discover new horizons.

In honor of this momentous occasion, Tom has prepared a delightful post-ride gathering. As we return from our adventure, we will be greeted with the enticing aroma of sizzling hot dogs, perfectly grilled to satiate our post-ride appetites. Accompanying this delicious fare will be a refreshing selection of cold drinks to quench our thirst and a juicy, mouthwatering watermelon to cool us down on this summer day.

This gathering will provide an opportunity for us to express our gratitude directly to Tom, as well as to mingle with fellow riders, sharing stories, laughter, and camaraderie. It is a celebration of our shared passion for cycling and the bonds we have formed along the way.

So, mark your calendars and prepare your bikes for the Picnic Populair ride—an event that promises to be both nostalgic and joyous. Together, let us raise our glasses and say, "Tank You, Tom," for all the remarkable contributions he has made to our lives and to the sport of Randonneuring.

We eagerly await your presence on this momentous occasion. Let us come together, pedal in unison, and toast to a bright future ahead.

Warm regards,

Dragi Gasevski

RBA Detroit Randonneurs

(248) 765-7098


Dragi Gasevski will be the new RBA beginning June 1. He applied, was accepted by the RUSA board, and wished to run a full series his first year. The RUSA rules have new RBA's only able to run 200 and 300k brevets their first year. They allowed him to take over the schedule this year with my help so that he would be able to run a full series next year. Let's all congratulate Dragi and give him our full support to continue the success of the Detroit Randonneurs.

Returning Randonneurs: You must update your Detroit Randonneurs membership for 2023 before you register for any events. Go to the "Club" tab under logo > Update/Renew Membership and follow the instructions.

It is mandatory for you to be a member of Randonneurs USA (RUSA) to participate in our rides, join here.

Boyne Falls weekend 06/9—06/12 
We have rented a ski lodge in Boyne Falls for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. We have some great routes, the 400 and 600k routes have been revised to make them even better, our 200k route is just as amazing as it was. The cost for the 3 nights will be $150. We have a spaghetti dinner on Friday night, and breakfast every day (including fantastic coffee). A Sunday dinner and food to take on the road. The food cost for the weekend is just $30. Just sign up for the ride of your choice and let me know you are coming.

Dart Populaire
The Dart Populaire 06/24/23 is an event whereby teams of cyclists all ride to a common destination from various starting points. Dart Populaires are team events of 8 hours duration and 120km minimum distance. info at: https://rusa.org/pages/dartpopulairerules  If you need a team you can probably find some folks in our group, meet riders at our rides, or make a post in our Facebook group. RUSA membership is required for participation. The destination for the Dart Populaire is Los Tres Amigos, in Northville.

When registering for the first time please register as a guest you will then be assigned a club membership number, and all of your registration information will be stored for future use. This site takes a bit of learning to use at first but it offers many advantages to the club members and the Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA).

When finished with your ride please report your start and finish times as well as a link to your ride on Strava, Ride with GPS, or whatever you use. You will receive an email with a link to report your times to our site. If you are unable to use electronic reporting please use the brevet card, cue sheet, or anything else to record your times, then send a photo with an email to dragi.rando@gmail.com.

Please review the Rules for Riders and Article 10 and the RUSA Reflectivity Guide 

We are thrilled to bring randonneuring events to the greater Detroit area.
Randonneuring is long-distance unsupported endurance cycling.  This style of riding is non-competitive in nature, and self-sufficiency is paramount. When participating in randonneuring events, riders are part of a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of the sport of cycling in France and Italy. Friendly camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring.

2023 Ride Scheduel

Date Distance Name/Link Start/End Certification
04/01/23 118k Northeast Populaire Detroit RUSA
04/15/23 142K Happy Trails 142 West Bloomfield RUSA
04/15/23 200k Happy Trails 200 West Bloomfield ACP
04/29/23 162k Huron River Cruise 162 Okemos RUSA
04/29/23 200k Huron River Cruise 200 Okemos ACP
04/29/23 300k Huron River Cruise 300 Okemos ACP
05/06/23 300k Tour of Detroit Commerce Township ACP
05/06/23 360k Ohio Flèche End in Columbus Ohio ACP flèche
05/13//23 200k 200k West Canton ACP
05/13/23 400k Go to Hell Backwards 400k Canton ACP
05/20/23 100k Outer Drive to Northville (Audax) Huntington Woods UAF
05/22/23 400k PB to Hell Port Huron ACP
05/24/23 200k Thumbs Up 200 CC Port Huron ACP
05/24/23 200k Trail Mix PH Port Huron ACP
05/25/23 300k Port to Port  Port Huron ACP
05/27/23 600k Thumbs Up 600 Port Huron ACP
06/10/23 200k Tip of the Mitt Boyne Falls ACP
06/10/23 400k Sleeping Bear 400 Boyne Falls ACP
06/10/23 600k Boyne Falls 600k Boyne Falls ACP
06/17/23 200k Lake Erie Run (Audax) West Bloomfield UAF
06/24/23 120k 8hr Dart Populaire End in Northville RUSA
07/08/23 300k Port to Port (Audax) Port Huron UAF
07/23/23 107k Picnic Populaire Island Lake Park RUSA
09/02/2023 162k Huron River Cruise 162 Okemos RUSA
09/16/23 200k Trail Mix Rochester ACP
10/07/23 200k AAA 200k Adrian ACP

Brevet/Hell week 05/22—05/28  
Ohio Flèche is organized by the Ohio Randonneurs, contact  David Buzzee: d_buzzee@yahoo.com


Audax Brevets
Riders on Audax brevets start together, ride together, and finish together. Audax is characterized by a common riding pace of 22.5kph (14mph) on a pre-determined route with stops of a fixed duration. On audax brevets, riders are never alone, the effort is constant, and controls are for rest rather than validating passage along the route. Audax brevets have been homologated since 1904. We offer 3 rides in 100, 200, and 300k in length.


The RUSA Rouleur Award
RUSA Rouleur recipients must: Complete a 100-124 km brevet populaire, Complete a 125-149 km brevet populaire, Complete a 150-199 km brevet populaire, Complete a 200-220 km brevet, Complete an 8-hour Dart populaire team randonnée of 120 km or longer. There must be at least three team members finishing the ride together for this event to count for the award. Super Rouleur recipients must be current members of Randonneurs USA during the award period. All Super Rouleur counting rides must be Randonneurs USA calendar events. The award can only be earned once per Calendar year per member. Foreign events or permanents cannot be used to earn this award. Longer events cannot be substituted for shorter events (e.g., a 130 km permanent cannot be used for the 100-124 km counting event, or a 13.5-hour Dart team randonnée cannot be used for the 8-hour Dart team populaire.)


I’m excited to announce that the Detroit Randonneurs have partnered with TCA Team on an Oakley Eyewear Program. The TCA Team program provides a 30% Discount to members of the Detroit Randonneurs.   

How it works: 

  • Visit the TCA Team website www.tcateamstore.com
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  • At checkout enter code: DR the pricing will be updated to reflect the preferred pricing for Detroit Randonneurs members. 
  • Once the transaction has been completed the product will be sent


Please reach out to info@tcateamstore.com if you have questions about the order process or would like to inquire about Oakley products that are not featured on the TCA Team website.

  • No Custom or Prescription orders – OAKLEY - 
  • Email us the URL of the glasses you would like to order 
  • 10-14 Days for sunglasses not on the TCA Team website 

Oakley: https://www.oakley.com/en-us